Enabling a sustainable energy transition

Our mission is to enable three pillars of energy: reliability, affordability, and sustainability. We invest alongside talented entrepreneurs and high-growth companies that provide products and services to traditional and new energy sectors, as well as related industries. Through our investments, we strive to positively impact our environment and the communities we serve.

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Thematic investing combining research and experience

Our rigorous approach to research, combined with our extensive experience and vast networks, allow us to identify new trends and differentiated investment opportunities. Our goal is to grow our companies into high-value, thriving, energy companies with a unique positioning within the market.

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Passionate about building a sustainable future

Our ESG framework is not only core to our investment process and portfolio management efforts, it’s a part of our culture and daily practices. Our goal is to decarbonize traditional energy and related sectors and enable the continued adoption of cleaner energy.

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A legacy of growth across the entire energy value chain

Experienced investors and operators

Our team includes professionals with decades of traditional energy experience as well as emerging thought leaders in nascent clean energy sectors.

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