Strategic experience spanning from the wellhead to the wall socket

We invest across the entire energy landscape, providing the necessary capital, advice, and guidance in management, operations, and finance. We strive to take companies from their entrepreneurial foundation and work with management to create value for our investors through sustainable growth.

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Investment Strategy

Segment Focus

We focus on traditional and new energy markets as well as related industrial segments that share a geographic or customer connection with our core markets. Most of our investments are within North America — the most developed and dynamic energy market in the world.

Growth Investing

We look for companies that are profitable and where our capital can provide a catalyst for accelerated growth.

Repeat Management Teams

We have worked with several portfolio company management teams on more than one occasion. These opportunities arise as a result of a good partnership. Also, we believe this familiarity results in lower execution risk for our investment strategies.


Each senior member of our portfolio company management team owns a substantial portion of their company and is incentivized to produce attractive returns on our investors’ capital.

Conservative Use of Leverage

Energy markets are cyclical. We purposefully do not rely on high levels of leverage to achieve our targeted rates of return.

Organic Growth

Our best investments have grown organically, a growth path that tends to carry less cultural and integration risk than growth through acquisition.


Most of our portfolio company exits have been to strategic buyers looking to enhance their product or service portfolios. We partner with our management teams to build businesses with this in mind.

Portfolio Construction

Each of our investments is considered within the context of the specific fund holding the asset. We strive to create diversification of risk through capital allocation across energy sectors.

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