What Does Battery Energy Storage Mean For The Power Grid? The Future.

Illuminating today’s energy sector.

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The energy sector is undergoing structural changes across the traditional and energy transition spectrum. Building on our decades of experience investing in differentiated products & services businesses enabling energy production and supply, White Deer is committed to supporting the build-out of all energy solutions that deliver reliable, sustainable, affordable, and secure energy. We are excited to share some of the most striking lessons we are learning about today’s energy sector through our new series called Illuminations.

The first installment in this series covers the battery energy storage sector. In December 2021, White Deer made an investment in Fortress Power, a rapidly growing designer and manufacturer of battery energy storage systems for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. White Deer had been researching this segment of the energy market for several years, so we are excited to share our view of the market and the fundamental drivers that led us to pursue this investment.

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