Investment Strategy

White Deer invests in companies that have extraordinary growth opportunities and the need for capital.


Once an acquisition is completed, White Deer utilizes its expertise in management, operations and finance to help improve operating results. This process typically incorporates improved operational and financial reporting, increased employee ownership and promotion of a culture of continuous improvement. White Deer also encourages internal growth complemented by add-on acquisitions.


This investment strategy has been utilized consistently by the White Deer team to generate significant returns throughout numerous economic cycles.

Thematic Investment Approach

White Deer develops potential investment themes through extensive industry research and analysis.

Industry Network

White Deer leverages the team’s expansive networks to vet potential deals, creating a competitive edge through the intersection of industry expertise and personal relationships.

Rigorous Selection Process

Each investment is evaluated in a rigorous, multi-stage selection process that incorporates the input of the entire investment team.

Proven Management Teams

White Deer partners with well-established management teams who have track records demonstrating operational and financial excellence as well as capital discipline.

Conservative Leverage

Portfolio companies are capitalized conservatively, positioning them to weather economic cycles while providing dry powder to pursue strategic initiatives.

Operational Excellence

White Deer fosters a culture of continuous improvement focused on operational results and environmental, health, safety and governance priorities.

Organic Growth

White Deer prioritizes organic growth complemented by acquisitions that provide differentiated technology or services and/or a market-leading position.

Exit via Sale to Strategic Buyer

White Deer buys and builds companies with exit in mind. The investment team and management work together to construct companies that will enhance the offerings of strategic acquirers.

Balanced Portfolio

Each portfolio company is considered within the context of the fund’s cumulative investments in order to create a balanced portfolio in terms of both sector and risk profile.

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